That feeling

More then two months passed from the moment I quit my quiet, clean, well-paid and completely dull job. As an alternative for saying “you all are sad idiots without a definite purpose in the life and there is nothing worse for me than become similar to you, guys” I said that I have to concentrate on my graduation work, as there left only a few months of my possibility to study something. And in some sense it is true — I really have to, I just don’t want to.

Anyway, the plan to completely change my life is not going well, as at the moment nothing seems to really change: I get up, drink my coffee, sit at the computer for many hours trying to force myself get out of Wikipedia and start to work, skip my classes, watch the movies, go to bed promising myself to do something tomorrow.


So, in fact, if you are a sad idiot without a definite purpose in the life, you don’t really need another idiots around you to display your essence.


see what you can do here!

when I was about ten, my father brought home the first mobile phone I have seen in my life. according to modern standards it was basically a plastic brick with some non-ergonomic rubber buttons on it. now my far-not-the-latest Blackberry seems to be smarter then I am.

watching this and many other technological breakthroughs I’m becoming pretty pissed off about washing the floors exactly the same way as my great grandmother used to.

if the technology is intended to meet the needs of society, seems like it is more important for us to have a possibility to change a Facebook status while sitting on the toilet then to get rid of spending hours on boring ungrateful work over and over again.